Graphics Templates

The Following templates are in PDF format and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. They can be downloaded and inserted into Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc. Be sure to place the are on a NEW layer so that you can turn off the template layer before saving to send to us. We cannot use artwork that has the template lines showing. You might want to send two versions, one with the template on and one without.

Please note that background artwork should extend to the BLEED line. The line inbetween is the CUT line and the light dashed line on the inside is the TEXT SAFE line. Important text should never be over this line.

We can do your disc or cover layout for you. If all you want is a title with a listing of content and a logo etc. it’s included in the service. If you need for extensive layout work it’s $40/hour. For most things it doesn’t take all that long to do. We only do graphic layout, we are not graphic artists.

Send files to lafdisc (type in the @ sign)

6 Panel 1 Pocket

6 Panel Digi

DVD Wrap


4 Panel DVD Digi

4 Panel 2 Pocket

4 Panel Wallet