Media Transfers

VHS, VHS-C, DV, HDV, Hi8, 8MM, are our most commonly encountered formats. We do not do film.

The price includes the DVD and the case. If you know what’s on them we will print a simple title at no extra charge. For VHS up to 2 hours long.

1 tape = $18
2-4tapes $14 each

5-9 tapes $12 each
10 or more tapes $10 each

Tapes over 2 hours (I.e. recorded in extended or long play) will count as another tape.

Conversion to .mov or other format is an extra $5 per tape and will be delivered on a DVD or you can give us a flashdrive to load it to. In any case you will also receive the DVD made in the conversion machine.

About Media Transfers

Media is what we call anything that holds the information, tape, disc, newsprint, etc. These are analog media formats and can’t be manipulated on a computer. To do so they must be transfered to a digital format or file which can be read by a computer. Simple enough and it mostly just takes some equipment and time.

We can transfer your old business, family or homemade videos from old media formats to DVD or .mov fairly quickly and inexpensively. The catch is that old tapes must be run in real time so if you have a lot of them it can take awhile. Fortunately we have invested in multiple machines for this work so it goes faster than at home. In addition, since we’re here all day doing this work it gets done unlike at home where you put one in and forget that you were doing it until the next day.

We have done hundreds of media transfers of old family videos, old training videos, and best of all old travel videos. My favorite ones were from the Argentinian guy who brought stuff in from his wedding over 30 years ago in Argentina.

Most tapes contain up to 2 hours of material, but the work is starting them and finishing them so we charge by the tape. If a VHS tape has more than two hours on it that is considered another tape.
Each tape is put on it’s own DVD. Editing them together is a post operation and will incur extra charges.

It’s so easy, to let someone else do it! And when we do it, it gets done.